Today we see more photos and share more photos than we ever have before, but there is a difference. We seldom print the photos we take anymore. Our shelves are no longer filled with photo albums, or boxes of pictures waiting to be placed in photo albums. Why is that?

  1. Camera viewing screens. With digital cameras, you no longer need to wait for your film to be developed in order to see your photos; just point, shoot and view. In addition, you can store quite a large number of photos on a memory card before they need to be removed.
  2. Cell phone cameras. The convenience of caring a camera with you in your cell phone has transformed photo taking and sharing more than anything else. You can take your picture and send it off to all your family and friends in a matter of seconds. Why bother to print it?
  3. Digital storage. You can now storage all your pictures on the computer and back them up online or on another device. It takes up no additional space, and they are easily organized and labeled as well. If you want to print some of them, just do so as you need them.
  4. Email sharing. We used to send pictures through the mail, now we send them via email. No need to print out copies and pay for postage. We send them electronically to the whole friends and family list, all at once.
  5. Online sharing. In addition to sharing via email, we can also upload our pictures to social network sites and photo sharing sites. We can share our best and our worst, simply and cheaply.
  6. Digital picture frames. We don’t even need to print our family photos to put on display in our home. We can load them all onto a digital picture frame and play them through randomly and continually.
  7. Photo screen savers. In addition to the digital picture frame, we can have our picture albums scrolling across our computer screens as a screen saver. No need to page through photo albums, they come up for our viewing pleasure automatically.
  8. Increased volume. Because we no longer need to purchase film for our pictures, taking photos in is extremely inexpensive. Since it cost no more to take 100 photos than 10, we’ll easily take the hundred. To print those hundred pictures, does still cost money however, so we are more selective about which photos we choose to print.
  9. Video cameras. Taking video has become much more economical as well. Many occasions that would have been documented in still photos before, are now being documented with video instead.
  10. Instant gratification. We have become an instant society. We don’t want to wait for anything, including the printing of photos. We’d rather look at it on a screen and then move on to something else.

Less cost, less time, less storage space: Those are the three main reasons why people don’t print their photos as much as they used to. We are living in a digital, electronic world.


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